1 de jul de 2009


I do not like ingratitude, not like falsehood or hypocrisy. I do not like to put people, or people operates. Not like other people proud, people think that by your body for money... not even for people like stupid. I do not like people who are shut, persons who are afraid to live, nor those who do not pay attention to others, or who are the center of the world. I do not like sparkling water or flying cockroach…without words, where I took this... I like people who know laugh, who feels, and feels real. I like people who know to enjoy life, be attentive and aware.
I like who has the bigger heart than the head, but you know think. I like when whispers in your ear, like when one is looking, when I kiss, when embraced, admire the sense of reciprocity. I like genuine people, people battle... I like to hurt the people, but those hurt by being sincere. I like me when I fought that stupid... more like those who love, love to love those who love real, not those who are in doubt about what to feel, or the love that two, three or four different people. I like those who love it. For those who love that has no doubt... enjoy life, laugh and know is authentic. Who is caring love, to know love, and it is true, feel the truth, and is always in well with life.

Living and learning!

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